Cloud Services

SYSPRO Cloud ERP software applications, core technology infrastructure, servers, storage, databases, operating system, and networking requisites are taken care of while you maintain control of the data.

SYSPRO and Azure Datacenters

SYSPRO utilizes the Microsoft data center infrastructure. These data centers bring applications closer to users across the globe, ensuring you of data residency, comprehensive compliance and robust resiliency options.

SYSPRO Cloud provides a secure infrastructure, allowing you to focus on your business while benefiting from the power and scalability of the cloud. Whether you’re streamlining manufacturing processes or unifying various aspects of your enterprise, SYSPRO has you covered.

Physical Security:

  • Microsoft’s commitment to protecting your data extends to the physical infrastructure.
  • Microsoft takes a layered approach to physical security in its data centers.
  • Strict controls limit physical access to areas where your data resides.
  • A dedicated team designs, builds, and operates these facilities, ensuring state-of-the-art security.

Data Residency and Sovereignty:

  • Azure allows you to choose the geographic region where your data resides.
  • Data remains within the selected region, adhering to local regulations.

Compliance Certifications:

  • Azure complies with various international standards; it undergoes regular audits to maintain compliance.

SYSPRO places the utmost importance on data privacy and security. Our commitment to data privacy extends across our entire ecosystem, ensuring that your sensitive information remains secure and confidential.

SYSPRO Data Center Locations


SYSPRO leverages Microsoft Azure to provide a robust security foundation for cloud workloads, emphasizing security, customization, and expert support.

SYSPRO Cloud Services prioritize security in the cloud, and we offer a wide array of security tools and capabilities to protect our applications and services. We ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data while maintaining transparent accountability.


SYSPRO employs diverse tools and reports to ensure that you operate at peak efficiency without encountering any infrastructure bottlenecks. Many of these tools and reports are custom-built and crafted to meet the product’s unique requirements. This deliberate approach grants us unparalleled control over our monitoring processes. Unlike standard Remote Resource Management (RRM) tools, our bespoke solutions empower us to closely monitor customized elements that would otherwise remain unaddressed.

We utilize a proprietary monitoring tool, SYSPRO Cloud Monitoring (SCM), which has been developed for continuous 24/7 monitoring of all platform components and services. This ensures the uninterrupted operation and management of your systems.

We actively monitor the following metrics:

  • Performance Monitoring: CPU memory, services and disk space.
  • Log Management: Azure, Windows events and SCM logs.
  • Customizable Alerts: Configure alerts for specific events or anomalies that require attention.
  • Proactive Insights: Inputs from Azure and metric reports identify any potential issues.


At SYSPRO Cloud Services, our maintenance strategy is designed to ensure the reliability and security of our hosted environments while minimizing disruption to our customers. Our approach encompasses both preventive and corrective measures tailored to maintain service excellence through systematic processes and transparent communication. By prioritizing scheduled maintenance, emergency responses, comprehensive patch management, effective rollback plans and clear communication, we strive to uphold the highest standards of service maintenance.

Incident Management

At SYSPRO Cloud Services, we recognize that it is critical to address unforeseen incidents with a structured approach. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our comprehensive, documented guidelines and a culture of open communication. By adhering to these principles, we efficiently resolve incidents and leverage them as learning opportunities to proactively prevent future occurrences.

The framework includes the following steps:

  • Defined Incident Response Plans: We have developed incident response plans that define clear processes for identifying, containing and resolving incidents. 
  • Root Cause Analysis: Conducting comprehensive investigations is integral to our approach, enabling us to understand the root causes of incidents. 
  • Communication Plan: A key aspect of our approach is communicating with stakeholders to keep them informed about incidents, ongoing progress and resolution status. 
  • Learning and Improvement: The iterative enhancement of our incident handling processes is a core practice guided by insights gained from lessons learned. 
  • Dedicated Support: As our valued customer, you have access to specialized support teams tailored for incident resolution. 


At  SYSPRO, we believe that gaining insight into your hosted environment is critical for informed decision-making regarding your platform usage and possible future resource allocation. Our comprehensive reports offer valuable metrics, including system information, average CPU usage, disk usage, total traffic and permitted ports. These reports empower you to assess and manage your resources effectively. Additionally, our customizable reports, powered by Azure, provide timely information upon request. Scheduled reporting ensures you stay informed, with default pre-built reports sent monthly or as needed.

External Audits

Effective auditing is essential for maintaining security, regulatory compliance and data integrity within SYSPRO. Recognizing the significance of trust and accountability, SYSPRO diligently upholds compliance and maintains a robust security posture through the following measures:

  • Independent audits: Regular independent audits are conducted by qualified security professionals to assess the platform’s security posture and compliance with regulations.
  • Penetration testing: Simulated cyberattacks are used to identify and address vulnerabilities in operations and platforms.
  • Security certifications: SYSPRO obtains recognized security certifications to demonstrate a commitment to security best practices.
  • Transparency and reporting: To build trust and confidence, audit results and remediation plans are shared with customers where appropriate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes SYSPRO Private Hosting different to on-premises?

SYSPRO Private Hosting is a SYSPRO-hosted Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution that manages your administrative efforts. Our qualified and dedicated Azure engineers and architects will provide, maintain and secure your SYSPRO servers in line with best practices. This means you will no longer need to monitor software or procure hardware, Microsoft licensing and backup infrastructure. Instead, you can leave it to us to take care of these requirements.

Is it a multi-tenant or single-tenant offering?

The offering is a single-tenant, secure business system offering. This allows you to put your instances into a secure location that is only accessible to you, without any sharing of resources.

Where does the data live?

The data lives in a Microsoft SQL Server database, which is available to you. This solution can be deployed in the regulatory-compliant geography of your choice.

Can users access the data in the database?

Full access to the SQL Server database is allowed in line with your access control protocols.

What capabilities are yet to make their way into the browser interface?

100% of SYSPRO’s capabilities are available in SYSPRO Private Hosting.

What is the minimum contract period for SYSPRO Cloud?

The default contract period is 36 months. This allows us to pass the reservation of resources benefit on to you with a lower monthly cost. PAYG and yearly contract periods are available upon request but at an increased monthly rate.

Is there a down payment for provisioning, or is this included in the cost?

Provisioning costs are added to the initial estimate prior to deployment. Thereafter, additional resources need to be estimated and approved.

Who sets up the users, groups, roles and security access for the business, and is this managed?

AD Administration (i.e. user and security groups) are administered by your IT department or service provider.

Will a SYSPRO consultant be able to develop the same solutions as in the Windows client?

A consultant can use all existing power tailoring capabilities in the SYSPRO client; plus, new capabilities have been added for SYSPRO Cloud such as the 2021-R2 released OData Connector.

Is the SYSPRO version automatically updated to the new software release?

SYSPRO version upgrades are never performed automatically; each one takes place at your discretion. With the necessary permissions, the upgrade can be done internally. Alternatively, you can enlist the services of a regional office or SYSPRO partner.

Can SYSPRO Cloud use single sign-on and multi-factor authentication?

Yes, SYSPRO Cloud utilizes Azure B2C AD capabilities. A local active directory needs to be in place to enable this feature.

Can I run a combination of SYSPRO Cloud and on-premises integrated business solutions?

Yes, as long as integrations between the systems utilize SYSPRO’s e.Net API and our local security permits the integration. You can run a combination of on-premise solutions with SYSPRO Cloud.

Will SYSPRO Cloud integrate with my on-premise active directory user and group security control?


Will SYSPRO Cloud work with Office 365?

Yes, Office 365 is fully supported in SYSPRO Cloud.

Can users reset their own passwords?

Yes, using the self-service capabilities in SYSPRO Cloud.

Can a SYSPRO user create and design their own reports and stationery formats?

Yes, this can currently be done via Remote desktop services.

Can a SYSPRO user create business insight tiles?


Can a SYSPRO user perform role design, create new fields, and edit the UI and UX?

Yes. All role design including workbenches, field additions and display changes can be done by the end user.

Who owns the data that a SYSPRO Cloud customer creates and uses?

You hold the rights to the data. If you choose to leave SYSPRO, there is an off-boarding process that is followed. There is a download cost associated with transferring a backup of the database to you. This is an activity that can be scheduled via the regional partner or SYSPRO if there is an existing support contract in place.

Business Continuity for Cloud Services

SYSPRO Cloud Services utilizes Microsoft platforms for our business continuity management program. Azure maintains one of the industry’s most mature and respected business continuity management programs. Azure’s goal for business continuity is to enhance recoverability and resiliency across all independently recoverable services, whether they are customer-facing (part of an Azure offering) or internally-supported platform services.

In the event of a complete Azure data center outage, where the customers’ architecture has been configured with Geo-Redundant Storage (GRS) replication, Microsoft automatically brings up the environment in the replicated data center. No intervention is required, and the customer will be able to continue to work without much disruption.